Rocketbox Themes

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Super Sour Rocketbox

All sour, all day. Squish your face and say, "hooray!!"


Horse with a Sword

Unicorns are a magical beast that cannot help but brighten a day. Send a box filled with unicorn silliness to your favorite unicorn-o-phile.


Harry Potter Megafan Rocketbox

Aparecium! This Rocketbox has many secrets to reveal to you. In addition to a box of Harry themed treats, you'll get a 4-Pack of Flying Cauldron Butterbeer and a Harry Potter themed puzzle.


Asian Rocketbox

Have you discovered the tasty treats that our Asian friends create? We have and we've tucked a bunch of them into this unique and delicious Rocketbox.


Gummi Madness

Who doesn't love delicious, chewy, gummi goodness? This box will have you mumbling nonsense to your family through a mouthful of sweet, gummi treats.


Chocolate Therapy

Just the thought of a box full of chocolate treats has your mouth watering. This is a clear winner!


Happy Birthday Box

Celebrate loved ones with a box of love for their special day. Birthday Cake sodas are amazing and taste like cake in a bottle!


Mystery Rocketbox

Do you feel like you're not up for making decisions? Let us find a bunch of random tasty treats to tickle your tongue and make your friends on Zoom super jealous as you crunch and chew on camera.


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