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Our candy selection is amazing! We have so much variety that items you see one time may not be in stock the next time you visit. This is by design and lets you find new treats each visit.

Here is a small bit of what we carry.

We do not do online sales - you've got to come in to experience the fun! But if you're looking for something specific, call us and we can check inventory or try to order it for you. Store Contacts

Retro Candy

Longing for memories of childhood? Hoping a candy cigarette can make you feel as cool as it used to? We've got you covered!
Many treats from our youth are still around and others live only in our memories. Pop in to see what candies spark a memory for you!

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One cart per location is focused on European and Canadian candies. Giant Kit Kats, Flake, Crunchie, Kinder and so much more! We love to find new international goodies and keep this cart changing.

Asian Treats

You never know what we'll find to add to our Asian cart! Pocky, Jubes, Milkita, Konjac jelly, and more are common items. We typically have a good selection of Japanese and Korean potato chips as well as Japanese marble sodas called Ramune!

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Mexican Candy

Guaranteed to make some happy and others pucker up, our selection of Mexican goodies changes frequently. There is always the promise of some tamarind and chili flavors to mix with sweet fruits.

Saltwater Taffy & Bulk Candy

Over 80 flavors of delicious saltwater taffy and 30 varieties of bulk, wrapped candy are available everyday. Pieces can be purchased by the piece or by the bag. That means, if you're filling a bag, we expect you know how to fill it! To the top! Get obnoxious and have too much fun! If you try to purchase a less-than-full bag, you'll be sent on "the walk of shame" back to try to reach the top again.


Strange Offerings

Cricket in a lollipop, chocolate covered insects, Larv-ettes (yep - flavored larvae), sour pickle balls, bacon cotton candy and so much more. These are a few of the silly items you might find.

Treats for Littles

We can't forget that kids like candy too! Whether they come with you to experience the fun or get a gift of sugary goodness, there is always fun for kids!

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