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Soda Pop

With over 500 different flavors of glass bottle soda, there is a little something for everyone. Create a 6-Pack, 12-Pack or Case of 24 to make your taste buds dance!

Come in to purchase a 6 or 12 month Root Beer of the Month Club membership!

With it you get:

  • 4-pack of soda each month

  • 10% off ALL soda purchases with your membership card

  • A cool membership card


Rocket Fizz Sodas

In addition to being a super fun retail store, Rocket Fizz is a soda creating genius. Our bottling plant in California bottles all sorts of unique and tantalizing treats. From the wacky to the wonderful, you mouth will smile at the taste of our liquid treats ... unless you dare to try a mustard soda. In that case, you're on your own.


Root Beer

Oh, the fun and variety of root beer! On an average day, we have a minimum of  80 different root beers, sarsaparillas, and birch beers. We have our favorites, but we have not found a stinker in the bunch.  Most root beers hang in the back of our store but some are Rocket Fizz brand and hang with their wacky brand-mates.


Cream Soda

Vanilla cream soda is great. Orange cream, strawberry cream, black cherry cream and a few other varieties are all divine.
With over 50 different types of cream sodas, you can make any cream soda lover blissfully happy!


Fruit Sodas

Fruit sodas are nearly endless. Grape, strawberry, orange, cherry, lemon lime, watermelon, pineapple, apple and so many more! You can play it safe with the known characters or get a little adventurous and try something totally new like prickly pear, huckleberry, or elderberry.



Yes, we have Coke and Pepsi in glass bottles!! We also have a bunch of other colas for you to try. From the polarizing flavor of Maine's Moxie to Tom's favorite, Nichol Kola, our colas will quench your thirst and maybe make you dance.
Yes, this is Kiss Kola pictured above. It fits in the Rocket Fizz section but is super delish too!!



Vernors is a must... but wait, there's more! Whether you like a smooth ginger or one that will bite you in the backside, our ginger ale and gingers beers are here to please!


Diet Sodas

For those want to cut out the sugar, we offer a handful of diet flavors. There are colas, root beers, creams and a sprinkling of other flavors.



We add the Michigan $.10 bottle deposit to each bottle and accept bottles for returns at our stores.
Buy more than 3 and save!

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